thankful thursday by megan

Hey y’all!

How’s your (thankful) Thursday so far? Mine’s been busy! But, I am thankful for my busy day πŸ™‚ I just got home from the gym and now I’m all showered and ready for the day!! Today’s agenda includes:

  • Gap with my mama
  • Write a paper!! A quick 2 page paper on the naeyc code of ethics…early childhood education stuff.
  • Grocery shopping for the beach with some gal pals
  • Begin packing…I am an over packer and I am determined not to be one for this mini vacation.


This is what it looks like when I leave to go on vacation. Well maybe not that bad πŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful day!!


southern living by megan

Hi! Gosh, I don’t know what is up with me today but I am feeling a million different things all at once… I’m energetic, sleepy, snacky, happy, anxious. I just don’t know what my deal is!

This morning I had an early class…it was a one time meeting type deal. It’s a course we have to take the semester before student teaching. Basically I will spend the entire semester compiling a huge binder full of artifacts from my years spent in the College of Education. My artifacts have to meet a certain set of standards. This binder is better known as the “Tier III Assessment Portfolio”. Thinking about it makes me very anxious, but it is definitely something I need to think about because I can not wait until the last minute to start this monster of a portfolio. My plan is to work on it bit by bit throughout the semester. Wish me luck!

After class my friend and I hit up our campus gym…loved it! I hadn’t been to our gym since way before Hurricane Katrina. The fitness center was beautiful on the inside with a lot of equipment and huge windows overlooking campus, but my treadmill was a bit old. There was not even a spot for me to put my iPod or my water bottle. But it really was no big deal, I dealt with it! I rarely workout with a friend and it was a nice change πŸ™‚

Tonight my mom and I are going to a Southern Living party. I am so excited! My mom has been to a few, but I’ve never been to one. I am really looking forward to it. It will be something nice to do with her!

My mom has her eye on this (I love it, too!)…

The Royal Street Urn. I love the arrangement in the urn, as well. My mom is going to have it made. There are going to be so many pretty things to order tonight…it could be dangerous, haha!

The party is at my friends home and I am bringing a dip…Eight- Layer Mediterranean Dip to be exact. It’s another recipe from my Whole Foods iTouch app (love that app!), but you can also find it here. Doesn’t it look yummy?

I am making it later this afternoon and I can’t wait to try it tonight! I love every single ingredient that is going into it, especially the pita chips used to scoop it out!

Happy Friday, y’all!

rainy day by megan

Happy Friday! It is raining buckets here today. Lots of wind and thunder, too. Good thing the weather took a turn for the worst after I got home from the gym and getting my new brake tag (it expires tomorrow). Phew!

Last night I helped my friend babysit (one of) our pastors children- 4 little girls and 1 little boy. It was a lot of fun…love those kids πŸ™‚ So, since I was babysitting I missed all of the Project Runway hoopla that premiered last night. And I am watching it right now…love DVR!

I am currently watching the All Star Challenge…I am rooting for Daniel, Sweet P, or Korto. I really like Daniel’s personality, Sweet P’s girly dresses, and Korto’s ethnic vibe she brings to her designs. Do any of y’all love Project Runway? I am real excited for the new season!

I hope y’all are having a happy and sunny Friday!

wet wednesday by megan

Hi y’all! I have such trouble coming up with titles for my posts…so I usually just write what pops into mind first! It’s rainy today so in popped “wet wednesday”.

Look at her in the rain! Doesn’t that look like loads of fun though? Especially since this little girl is wearing a pink tutu and green frog rain boots. I am pretty sure owning a pink tutu would make my life complete. I would love to own both, boots and tutu, though. Please and thank you!

So far today I went to the gym, watched Gilmore Girls, watched Giada, and (once the rain slowed to a drizzle) went to the grocery. It was a quick shop at Rouse’s for recipe ingredients for tonight’s dinner and some fruit


I love summer fruit. Well, I mean, I love fruit in general! I picked up some bananas, gala apples, nectarines, peaches, and pluots. Blueberries in the fridge. Now we are fully stocked. I love having a full, bursting fruit bowl on the counter. It makes me happy just knowing I can grab some fresh goodness whenever I want.

I really need to do some yummy yoga. I think I might…as it rains outside. Sounds kind of relaxing, actually. Happy Wednesday!

cupcakes by megan


Before I get into the cupcakes (!!)…Happy Monday! So far my morning has consisted of oats, coffee, Regis & Kelly (Lucy Bustamante was co-hosting with Regis…she’s a newscaster down here and she was super great this morning), gym, and blog reading. Phew! And, let me add that my oats this morning were superb…topped with Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter & blueberries and made with Living Harvest Unsweetened Vanilla Hempmilk. Holy Yum…is Hempmilk delicious, or what? It made my oats super creamy. Total love for Hempmilk now!

On to other matters...skincare. I have been contemplating investing in a skincare line for a few weeks now. I see a dermatologist randomly (my skin is clear) and I have prescription face creams- Tazorac and Benzaclin. Although these creams have worked wonders on my skin, sometimes these truly dry out my face. It’s just so uncomfortable. If y’all have any recomendations please let me know! I would love a good moisturizer, essentially.

Dinner was great last night…Giada’s salmon with puff pastry and pesto recipe was delicious. I was a little skeptical about the puff pastry part, but it actually turned out really delicious. And the presentation of the salmon, tomato, green pesto combo was really gorgeous. But the star of the night were the cupcakes from the Kupcake Factory!


We orderd half a dozen- 2 Red Velvet, 2 Wedding Cake, and 2 Chocolate Cake with Vanilla frosting. Lizzy and I could not decide between the Wedding Cake and the Red Velvet so we cut them each in half to share. The icing was super sweet on both…I am not a huge fan of super sweet icing, but I enjoyed every last bite! The Red Velvet cake was so moist…it was Lizzy’s favorite. I loved the Red Velvet but if I had to choose I would pick the vanilla- almond flavor of the Wedding Cake as my favorite! While my mama said the Chocolate with Vanilla frosting was her favorite! I can’t wait to try different flavors…like the Sweet Praline Cupcake (a buttermilk cake topped with housemade creamy pralines with a caramel cream cheese frosting) and the Reese’s Peices Cupcake (a brownie chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting rolled in reese’s peices candy bits). You can drool over the other flavors and photos here! That Pumpkin Cupcake sounds perfect for fall! So, all in all last night was a wonderful night filled with food and family…told ya I love Sundays πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!!