thankful by megan

thanksgiving is approaching…and i am so very excited. i can’t believe the holiday season is upon us. it’s my favorite time of the year. everything just seems…right. people are kinder. love just seems to radiate. atleast, that’s how i find the holidays to be!

with thanksgiving so near, i’ve been thinking of what i am thankful for. but there is so much i don’t even know where to begin. so, here’s a brief list

  • God and my faith…where would I be without God?
  • family & friends & my church
  • finally enjoying life: friends, food, family, school, happy times, sad times, laughter, learning, making mistakes…hitting bumps in the road and relying on God’s strength to get me through!
  • new orleans
  • being me…and just me. simple as that.

of course, there are many more things i am thankful for…but those few stand out right now!

look at this thankful turkey craft i found…

how much fun would it be to make him? i would love to have a thanksgiving craft party with each and every one of you! because, i am so thankful for you! my readers…the very small amount of you πŸ™‚ y’all have been with me since the blogging days of health, fashion, happiness! and i am so thankful to have y’all as friends!

enjoy your monday!


tomorrow, tomorrow by megan

tomorrow is the women’s conference at my church and i am so looking forward to it. elyse fitzpatrick is guest speaking…author of such books like:

because he loves me

love to eat, hate to eat

idols of the heart

…and many more. i read love to eat, hate to eat and it changed my life regarding my eating disorder and just eating in general (oh! and my 1 year anniversary was nov. 1…that was the day God changed my life, and i haven’t looked back).

i can’t wait to spend time with the fabulous women of my church this weekend! growing in our relationships with each other and with Jesus!

before the conference my best friend and i are going to an early dinner. we have so much to talk about….we’re both literally bursting with things to share! love when that happens!

tomorrow is friday! do y’all have any fun plans for the weekend?

excuse me, but i must retreat to my bed…grey’s anatomy is on!

thankful by megan

today i am so thankful…for my family, health, happiness, and friends. and for Jesus, always thankful for Jesus πŸ™‚ yesterday was a tough day for my family & i. it could have been much scarier than what it was..but God was with me and i stayed strong. without God i don’t know how i would get through tough situations. they just pop up on us all the time, don’t they? it’s so much easier to put my trust in God! he is so faithful.

last night i went to my friends house to bake a pie. a pecan streusel topped pumpkin pie to be exact. from the december issue of southern living.

our pie looked similar to this one. it was delicious! i love pumpkin pie, and i am definitely thankful for pumpkin right now!

tonight i am attending a wedding for two of my dear friends…i got a manicure + pedicure earlier, and now it is time to finish getting ready. two of my friends are doing my hair later. i am so blessed to have beautiful friends who are good at playing with hair and curling it, because i have not a clue what to do with my locks!

enjoy your friday night!

joy by megan

I have recently been doing a lot of thinking about what makes me happy…what brings me joy. There are so many ways to answer that. God has blessed me with so much, and I am not one to sit around and let things go to waste. Questions about my life/career/future after I graduate with an Early Childhood degree in May 2010 have been popping into my head lately, and I do not know the answers to any of them. But the awesome thing is that God has the answers, and he is praying for me…he’s praying for you, too πŸ™‚

But, I do know that if I want to accomplish anything I simply can not rely on my faith on alone…I need to use the creativity & determination God gave me. Dreaming and pondering a career in fashion has been on my mind for the past 2 weeks…opening the boutique I’ve been wanting, writing about fashion (ie. a blog), or even working downtown at Saks Fifth Avenue for a little while. Those are all careers I dream of…I don’t dream of teaching. Is that terribly not right since I have spent so many years in school studying how to become a teacher?

I don’t know! I just know that I want to wake up every morning so excited to go to work…to do my job with a smile on my face.

Until then, until everything is figured out, I am going to continue working hard on my education degree, studying for the big teacher certification test coming up, and working on my field portfolios. I am going to continue feeling joyful for this life, waking up to read my bible each morning, serving my church, allowing God to have control, enjoying the fall season (apples!!!), and loving my friends & family.

The fall semester is almost over…lots to do in preparation for it. And, hopefully, my dreams will become realistic and some more writing will appear on this little blog…fashion writing…we shall see!

Happy Thursday…hope your week has been full of JOY!

p.s. thanks for reading πŸ™‚