friday {happy} things

i am still sick in here are a few things that are making me happy…

These oatmeal lace clutches. I saw them a few months ago on emily ley and falling in love is an understatement! I can’t get them off of my mind…

oatmeal lace for emily ley

i know i talked about this in my last post but…downton abbey. i can not get enough! i started season 1 last week and i am now halfway through season 2. i hope to finish today {while still in bed} so i can get started on season 3 that we have been DVRing.

downton abbey…i love mary’s dress!

i did some dresser rearranging. and it is just making me happy. sometimes just moving things around can give your room a new look.


on another note, do y’all have any fun plans for the weekend? i am planning on laying low…don’t need another relapse. J and i have a wedding to attend on saturday night, but it is still up in the air if we will go. it just depends on how i am feeling! so i am thinking lots more couch time and downton abbey…resting up to get back to my little pre-k class monday!

happy, happy weekend to y’all!


wednesday words

i am home from work…sick! i was sick last week with an icky virus and we believe what i have now is a relapse from that icky virus. so i am home in bed resting. which leads me to do a lot of wedding planning! i have been listening to song samples for our ceremony, emailing bakeries, and stalking our photographers website! i have also been watching downton abby…oh my goodness! i now see what all the fuss is about. how i wish i lived during that time period. so i was just popping in to say hi and hopefully this little blog will be seeing some changes and many more blog posts soon! 

stay healthy, y’all!! 


today was certainly one of those days where it truly felt like a monday. i had the monday blues all day…tired and with out energy, but i tried to ignore those feelings. i believe that we can choose what kind of attitude we want to have throughout the day. i definitely did my best to beat the monday blues today…and i am looking forward to what tomorrow may bring! i am going to embrace tomorrow with these kinds of attitudes…



happy monday!

a birthday and…a little under the weather

my birthday was wonderful. i feel so blessed to have been surrounded by amazing co-workers, family, and friends…for so many days in a row. it was one of the best birthdays ever…if I had to choose.


walked into my classroom to find this! so happy!


Hydrangeas and a cake surprise from j! Love that boy so so much!


some birthday Tory love!

Mussels & pomme frites with my girlfriends at la crepe nanou for my birthday dinner!

Sunday brunch at eat with j…best biscuit ever! we loved it so much…j had the most perfect crab cakes with poached eggs on top…

It was a wonderful birthday and now I’m home from work a little under the weather. My day looks a lot like this…


happy tuesday!


this weekend was lovely and low key. friday night I went to dinner at my best friend + her (new!) husbands home for a taco dinner. it was so good to laugh and look at pictures from their sweet honeymoon.

Saturday i got to spend time with my love before he went to work for the night. and! I celebrated national coffee day…naturally I needed a venti pumpkin spice iced coffee to celebrate.


Sunday was church, a birthday brunch at the fantastic cafe degas for a dear friend, and walked our pup, jack!




It was a wonderful, lovely weekend and I can’t wait for the next! (especially since this Thursday is my birthday!!! Which means this week is birthday week and there are many festivities planned for the weekend)…happy, happy!!

it’s been a year…

it’s been a year since i last posted. wow. so, so, so much has happened. the Lord is so faithful, amazing, gracious…i am completely blessed. 2011 was a shaky year in the beginning, but along came april and the Lord placed the best boy i could have asked for/ dreamed of into my life. i am so in love…and i don’t care who knows it! he is my favorite. and i can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for this new year! 


and here we are a week into 2012, the second half of my second year teaching has begun. which is still something i am in love with…my job,my preschool class. even though i have a rowdy class of 25 this time around. 

this year i am planning on posting more, being happy with where the Lord has me now (in my career, in my relationship with j, in my family), being wise in my spiritual life, being wise with my money, and being intentional with my relationships (friends, family, co-workers). 

i can’t wait to see what happens in 2012! happy sunday. 

life in new orleans lately

my life lately has been so blessed. spring time brings out the best in people and in new orleans. i am enjoying my job (so many fun easter things to do with my class) and i am enjoying the beautiful weather, too.

it is festival season and this past weekend was french quarter fest. it was so hot yesterday, but it was still so enjoyable with my best friend and family. we enjoyed a delicious authentic mexican meal at my favorite spot, el gato negro (tortilla chips, table side guacamole, a satsuma and a pineapple cilantro margarita, and fish tacos) and heard some amazing music (kermit ruffins & the barbeque swingers, amanda shaw & the cute guys, jeremy davenport, and irvin mayfield to name a few). i did not forget about dessert of course…peanut butter and chocolate chip milkshake from stanley and the most delicious, cake-like buttermilk drops. it was such a fun weekend. i can’t wait until the next!


1. pre-school works of art that i am in love with

2. easter egg number game. my class loved opening up their egg and discovering a number.

3. decor in el gato negro. love.

4. yummiest chips + salsa ever. even thought the salsa is too spicy for me (i stuck with the guacamole).

5. me + sister . love my lizzy.

6. st. louis cathedral. most beautiful church in all of new orleans.

7. the steamboat natchez

8. random street performers who we enjoyed while sitting on the cathedral steps in the shade.

9 . love these girls to pieces (sister + best friend).

the happiest place on earth

literally the happiest kid on earth in this picture!

cinderella’s castle. just looking at this picture makes me grin from ear to ear!

bff & i at epcot…representing nola on carnival day…”keep calm and parade on”!

hanging out in new york!

me & mary poppins at the supercalifragilistic breakfast at the grand floridian. i want to live at the grand floridian, by the way.

gorgeous magic kingdom flowers


oh, walt disney world. i love you so! i can’t wait to come back to visit again! especially for the new fantasyland debuting in 2012. my best friend & i are already planning a trip back for new years 2013!


today was difficult, but there were a few things that brightened my day up beautifully! i love my job and working with kids. no matter how difficult my life can get, the kids i teach everyday always make me smile, laugh, and just feel happy. such a complete & total blessing.

1. my new favorite book about a tiny mouse and a gigantic cupcake. it’s about sharing and i think it is a darling. my kids enjoyed it too.

2. our craft for the day: a tropical bird. we are talking about the rainforest and my kids were so excited to create their own tropical bird. the toucan and macaw were both very popular!

3. a pretty “bouquet” picked for me by a sweet student on the way to the yard to play. she stops every day and picks me a “bouquet of sunflowers”.

did i mention how much i adore the children i teach?