weekend by megan

oh weekend, how i love thee.

i had a sleepover last night at my best friends house. we were supposed to work on our student teaching portfolios for many hours, but instead we ate tomato, artichoke, and feta pizza (n0 sauce) from rotolo’s and made brownies with homemade icing.

we made the icing with lots of powdered sugar and several tablespoons of skim milk. oh and a tsp of vanilla extract. the icing melted on the brownies and it reminded us of oreos. so yummy.

we also watched dan in real life, and i am officially obsessed with sondre lerche. every single song in the movie was sung by him, and he is wonderful!

but, now i must work on my student teaching portfolio…since i did not last night. it’s still a happy saturday…

…so enjoy your day!


that kind of day by megan

do you ever have those days where you simply can not concentrate? well, that’s the kind of day i am having today. there are so many things i could be/should be doing right now, but i’m just feeling a little lost. i really want to watch movies in my bed with an endless supply of coffee all day…

but i can not watch movies and drink coffee all day, so i need to make the most of the day ahead of me. which means studying biology and PRAXIS flashcards.

at least i am all cozy in my new sweatpants that arrived yesterday evening! they are so soft…they make me smile πŸ™‚

Photo 109don’t they look super cozy?

happy tuesday!

joy by megan

I have recently been doing a lot of thinking about what makes me happy…what brings me joy. There are so many ways to answer that. God has blessed me with so much, and I am not one to sit around and let things go to waste. Questions about my life/career/future after I graduate with an Early Childhood degree in May 2010 have been popping into my head lately, and I do not know the answers to any of them. But the awesome thing is that God has the answers, and he is praying for me…he’s praying for you, too πŸ™‚

But, I do know that if I want to accomplish anything I simply can not rely on my faith on alone…I need to use the creativity & determination God gave me. Dreaming and pondering a career in fashion has been on my mind for the past 2 weeks…opening the boutique I’ve been wanting, writing about fashion (ie. a blog), or even working downtown at Saks Fifth Avenue for a little while. Those are all careers I dream of…I don’t dream of teaching. Is that terribly not right since I have spent so many years in school studying how to become a teacher?

I don’t know! I just know that I want to wake up every morning so excited to go to work…to do my job with a smile on my face.

Until then, until everything is figured out, I am going to continue working hard on my education degree, studying for the big teacher certification test coming up, and working on my field portfolios. I am going to continue feeling joyful for this life, waking up to read my bible each morning, serving my church, allowing God to have control, enjoying the fall season (apples!!!), and loving my friends & family.

The fall semester is almost over…lots to do in preparation for it. And, hopefully, my dreams will become realistic and some more writing will appear on this little blog…fashion writing…we shall see!

Happy Thursday…hope your week has been full of JOY!

p.s. thanks for reading πŸ™‚

one more beach trip by megan

Hey y’all! I can’t believe it is Wednesday evening already…this week is flying. I find it so funny that I am only taking 7 hours this semester and that I feel busier than ever!!

Last night was Alpha and it was such a crazy night at church with the kids…I will just say that God is showing me a lot about myself as a teacher. I am learning that I do not want to teach 7 or 8 year olds. I much prefer the little ones, aged 3-5. I love when God shows me stuff like this! He is so helpful πŸ™‚

Today has been super busy as well…early morning spent at Bear.. Y Cherry Tree Childrens Daycare working/playing with 3 year olds (love those little ones!) and then Biology lab at school. I still have so much more to do. I even skipped my 5:00pm class tonight because I have so much I need to get done pertaining to school work and packing. Yes, packing. I am going on yet again another beach trip! This time I am heading to Florida…and I am so excited!



My family (dad, uncles, cousins) owns some restaurants/bars down here and the general manager is getting married on the beach, so naturally my parents are going to the wedding, along with my older cousins and their little girl. I am going as a babysitter. I will only be babysitting the evening/night of the wedding though. Don’t worry, my mama and I have a trip to the Silver Sands Outlet planned πŸ™‚ I just want to hit up J.Crew and Off 5th.


Off 5th is the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet. I love, love, love it! But, you do need to search for deals and treasures. Last year I scored a gorgeous Moschino dress for under 200 dollars. I basically died. So, yes I am pretty excited about this little vacation. We leave tomorrow after lunch around 1:00 and come home Sunday! Not to mention the condo we are staying at is beautiful…oh I love the beach!

Okay, it is most definitely time for me to get started on packing and some HRT studying. So, I wish y’all a wonderful rest of the week…I will be back Monday!

relaxing rain by megan

Good morning, y’all!

It is such a rainy day down here today…it is not a pretty sight. But, oddly, I am not minding the rainy day today. It just seems right…kind of relaxing in a way. This week has been so fast paced for me. The rain seems to slow down the craziness. It also is very calming to my nerves in a way. Tomorrow is the PRAXIS test…bright and early at 7:30 am. I am nervous, but at the same time I am feeling good about it. My friend and I are meeting this afternoon for coffee to take a practice test. We are giving ourselves 2 hours to take it, because we will have 2 hours to take the test tomorrow morning. Hopefully the practice test helps!

I woke up this morning ready to go to the gym, but I still have not made it out of the house yet. The rain is just making me want to stay inside this morning! So, I am. I don’t mind. I have been wanting to do some Physique 57 anyway, so it all works out πŸ™‚

I have been doing some thinking about my new bedroom lately and besides having a bookshelf in my room I also would love wallpaper. I want to wallpaper one wall in my bedroom. Preferably the wall behind my desk. But, I suppose we shall see what works best. Here are some wallpaper photos I am adoring right now…


I love this wall paper. It’s a little kooky but it is so bright! It makes me smile πŸ™‚ And, I think it’s important to smile when you walk into your bedroom.


I love this! Wallpaper you can write on? So cool!!! Maybe I could put this in my future classroom? That would be so flippin’ cool. The wallpaper is actually pictures of blank frames and children can draw pictures inside the frames. Love it. That could actually be really neat in a bedroom. I mean, I would totally draw all over it! It’s called Blank Frame Wallpaper from The Land of Nod.


I love these. Especially the yellow. My bedding is black & white currently, so I think the yellow would be so fun! And, notice how the flowers are raised. You can touch them!


I love, love, love this green! It’s like a grass green. So pretty! I have a big, tall green lacquered candle holder from Pottery Barn that matches this green wallpaper. And besides loving the color of this paper I love the print, too! Oh, and the green bike with the basket…love that too!

Okay, that’s enough! I could look at wallpaper and rooms all day long πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to design my new bedroom when we move! What do y’all think of wallpaper?

I hope your day is lovely. Happy Friday, pies!

thankful thursday by megan


How’s your Thursday? Mine’s been wonderful! I’ve been reading all over the blogs that so many of y’all feel like today should be Friday and that this week is going by slow. I don’t think so…I find this week to be going so fast! Maybe it’s because I have been so busy with work! It seems to be non stop this week…it’s nice to be busy though. It’s especially nice to be busy and I am so thankful to take a break to blog πŸ™‚

I am watching Melrose Place right now. I’m so thankful for DVR today. I watched 90210 first…gosh, I loved it in the 90’s and I love it now! I am so excited that all of the shows are starting back up again. Are y’all? Now, I’m just waiting on Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, and The Office. Sounds like a lot, I know! But, that’s why I love my DVR πŸ™‚

While catching up on my guilty pleasure of trashy TV watching I am also working on my Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism assignment due Friday. One part of the assignment was to watch this video on You Tube…

I watched it twice πŸ˜‰ Don’t you just love Lumiere and Mrs. Potts? Oh, and who can forget Chip? Yep, I am definitely thankful for Beauty and the Beast!

Cooking dinner tonightPan-Grilled Snapper with Orzo Salad.I am super excited about it! My mom is picking up the snapper today after she is done shopping (what a life). But if we don’t have snapper I will just use tilapia instead. I’ll let ya know how it turns out, for sure. I am a huge fish lover and I just adore Orzo!

Have a beautiful day! Oh, and thanks for all the sweet comments y’all left about my new hair πŸ™‚ Y’all are dolls!

busy bee by megan

Hey y’all! I’m back πŸ™‚

I had such an amazing weekend at the beach, but it is nice to be home! There were 9 girls in my parents 2 bedroom condo…it was crazy and SO much fun!!! You would think with 9 girls there would have been drama…but not with us. We all got along so well and we each had our own little moments together. It was such a wonderful weeked! Oh, and my modified Funfetti cookies were loved by all, as well as the scones! Yippee!!!

I have an extremely busy week ahead of me…the mini vacation took away a lot of time to get school work done, but oh well! Today I am studying for my first Bio quiz tomorrow, preparing for my first visit at the preschool Beary Cherry Tree, and heading to Alpha tonight to have fun with the kids at church. The rest of the week includes a lot of work for an assignment in my HRT class and studying for the PRAXIS on Saturday morning. I am very nervous about taking this test…it determines whether or not I will be a certified teacher. Of course, if I don’t pass I can take it again…but I want to pass this Saturday! Prayers and good thoughts sent my way will be very appreciated. Thanks, friends!

Before I go absorb myself in Biology notes I want to show you my new hair! I mean it is my natural color, but it’s still new to me. It was shocking at first, but I’m glad I went back to my dark hair. I just feel more like myself πŸ™‚


Happy Tuesday!!

figs by megan

Good morning!

I’m just sitting here watching the Today show, love Hoda & Kathie Lee! It’s been such a wonderful morning!!! I woke up early and spent some time with God, had a yummy breakfast, did some Physique 57, showered, and now I am wasting time until lunch before leaving for class at 2. Long day ahead of me today.

  • Bio Lab 2:00-4:00. I am feeling a little apprehensive about it.
  • Early Childhood class from 5:00-6:50…should be home a little before 8:00 tonight. It is a long day, that’s for sure. But, at least it is a beautiful day!

So my yummy breakfast was not anything out of the ordinary- Kashi Honey Oat waffles with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter spread on one waffle and this amazing creation spread on the other waffle…


Organic Adriatic Fig Spread. This spread is why my breakfast was so yummy! I forgot this was in our fridge. My mom bought it and I have never used it before! This is the best fig spread I have ever had. There are lots of fig throughout and it is so sweet! I love all things sweet! Oh, I can’t wait to use it again πŸ™‚ I can’t find anywhere to order it online, but my mom found it at Whole Foods.

I hope y’all have a beautiful day!

southern living by megan

Hi! Gosh, I don’t know what is up with me today but I am feeling a million different things all at once… I’m energetic, sleepy, snacky, happy, anxious. I just don’t know what my deal is!

This morning I had an early class…it was a one time meeting type deal. It’s a course we have to take the semester before student teaching. Basically I will spend the entire semester compiling a huge binder full of artifacts from my years spent in the College of Education. My artifacts have to meet a certain set of standards. This binder is better known as the “Tier III Assessment Portfolio”. Thinking about it makes me very anxious, but it is definitely something I need to think about because I can not wait until the last minute to start this monster of a portfolio. My plan is to work on it bit by bit throughout the semester. Wish me luck!

After class my friend and I hit up our campus gym…loved it! I hadn’t been to our gym since way before Hurricane Katrina. The fitness center was beautiful on the inside with a lot of equipment and huge windows overlooking campus, but my treadmill was a bit old. There was not even a spot for me to put my iPod or my water bottle. But it really was no big deal, I dealt with it! I rarely workout with a friend and it was a nice change πŸ™‚

Tonight my mom and I are going to a Southern Living party. I am so excited! My mom has been to a few, but I’ve never been to one. I am really looking forward to it. It will be something nice to do with her!

My mom has her eye on this (I love it, too!)…

The Royal Street Urn. I love the arrangement in the urn, as well. My mom is going to have it made. There are going to be so many pretty things to order tonight…it could be dangerous, haha!

The party is at my friends home and I am bringing a dip…Eight- Layer Mediterranean Dip to be exact. It’s another recipe from my Whole Foods iTouch app (love that app!), but you can also find it here. Doesn’t it look yummy?

I am making it later this afternoon and I can’t wait to try it tonight! I love every single ingredient that is going into it, especially the pita chips used to scoop it out!

Happy Friday, y’all!

first day by megan

Good afternoon, friends! Okay, well today has been…interesting. It was the first day of class for me and I was only there for 1 hour instead of 2 AND I do not have to go back tonight (for the lecture portion of the course). You see the morning portion of this Classroom Management in Early Childhood course is designated for field work, in which we spend many hours at an elementary school in one classroom. For this course I will most likely be spending my time in a preschool or kindergarten classroom πŸ™‚ So, being that it was the first day of class we obviously did not have fieldwork to get started on. So we went over the course basics and called it a day! It was nice to be home around noon rather than 8:00 tonight…like it will be every other Wednesday starting next week. Oh well…at least I don’t have to be on campus every day! Also, I am excited for this class and I love my professor! I was supposed to have a Biology Lab today but labs do not start until next week…so I was free from that too! I’m definitely not complaining!

On Sunday I pulled my sisters very old bike out of the garage. I rode it up and down the street and around the block. There are major issues with the front brake...as in it doesn’t work. My dad rigged it some way or the other though so I could take it for a spin, but I still don’t trust it. I used the back brake which works fine, but I would feel more comfortable if the front brake was up to par. Anyway I loved, loved, loved riding the bike…it had been way too long since I plopped my bottom on a bike! Riding the bike got me thinking about how I would enjoy one of my own. Granted my sister will let me borrow hers whenever, but it is a tad old…and possibly life threatening with the wonky front brake!! My bike would be pink with a basket…definitely would have a basket! I am praying it would look similar to this…

I can imagine myself riding to the grocery store for some small items, like milk or bread, to carry home in my basket or riding to Nola Beans for a cup of coffee! Of course these small excursions will not happen until we move like I mentioned in this post. But I can certainly ride a bike around my subdivision until we do move! My birthday is in October and I am thinking my wish list will include this pink bike or this baby blue one from XYZ Bikes. My friend called me a little while ago about possibly riding bikes this Saturday at Audubon Park

but we settled on walking due to my brake issue and another issue of getting our bikes to the park. Oh well, bike riding around the park would definitely be fun, but walking is just as fun! Audubon Park is breathtaking and lined with Southern Oak Trees, and once you hit the trail around the golf course you’re surrounded by Garden District mansions. It’s so beautiful…walking the park is truly a blessing and something I do not do enough!

Well, I am rather sleepy this afternoon and I am thinking a nap is in order (or just some Julie & Julia reading)! Probably because I slept about 5 hours last night! I was tossing and turning for a good hour/hour and a half. I just could not fall asleep. Every little worrisome thing that could have popped into my head did! It was rather annoying, actually. When this happens I need to remember to remind myself that God has it under control and it does no good to worry…especially when it cuts into my sleep!! Does this happen to any of y’all?

Happy Wednesday!!