home sweet home by megan

Happy Monday and last day of summer! Tomorrow is the first official day of fall πŸ™‚ Of course, it won’t feel like fall down here but that’s okay. I will still celebrate with some pumpkin!

Okay, so obviously I’m back from Florida. And it was beautiful and fun and I made a lot of money babysitting my darling cousin. I mean, getting paid to be at the beach is a pretty wonderful job and it was truly a blessing to spend time with my cousin! I am glad to be home though because I have a lot of schoolwork to get finished and an extremely busy week ahead of me.

But, before I go I want to share this pretty little dress I ordered from Anthropologie. It was waiting for me when I got home from Florida!

I can’t wait to pair it with tights or leggings for fall! I even have the cutest thin little pink leather belt to tie around the waist! I am planning on wearing it for me or my sister’s birthday outings coming up in October.

Happy Monday!


one more beach trip by megan

Hey y’all! I can’t believe it is Wednesday evening already…this week is flying. I find it so funny that I am only taking 7 hours this semester and that I feel busier than ever!!

Last night was Alpha and it was such a crazy night at church with the kids…I will just say that God is showing me a lot about myself as a teacher. I am learning that I do not want to teach 7 or 8 year olds. I much prefer the little ones, aged 3-5. I love when God shows me stuff like this! He is so helpful πŸ™‚

Today has been super busy as well…early morning spent at Bear.. Y Cherry Tree Childrens Daycare working/playing with 3 year olds (love those little ones!) and then Biology lab at school. I still have so much more to do. I even skipped my 5:00pm class tonight because I have so much I need to get done pertaining to school work and packing. Yes, packing. I am going on yet again another beach trip! This time I am heading to Florida…and I am so excited!



My family (dad, uncles, cousins) owns some restaurants/bars down here and the general manager is getting married on the beach, so naturally my parents are going to the wedding, along with my older cousins and their little girl. I am going as a babysitter. I will only be babysitting the evening/night of the wedding though. Don’t worry, my mama and I have a trip to the Silver Sands Outlet planned πŸ™‚ I just want to hit up J.Crew and Off 5th.


Off 5th is the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet. I love, love, love it! But, you do need to search for deals and treasures. Last year I scored a gorgeous Moschino dress for under 200 dollars. I basically died. So, yes I am pretty excited about this little vacation. We leave tomorrow after lunch around 1:00 and come home Sunday! Not to mention the condo we are staying at is beautiful…oh I love the beach!

Okay, it is most definitely time for me to get started on packing and some HRT studying. So, I wish y’all a wonderful rest of the week…I will be back Monday!

busy bee by megan

Hey y’all! I’m back πŸ™‚

I had such an amazing weekend at the beach, but it is nice to be home! There were 9 girls in my parents 2 bedroom condo…it was crazy and SO much fun!!! You would think with 9 girls there would have been drama…but not with us. We all got along so well and we each had our own little moments together. It was such a wonderful weeked! Oh, and my modified Funfetti cookies were loved by all, as well as the scones! Yippee!!!

I have an extremely busy week ahead of me…the mini vacation took away a lot of time to get school work done, but oh well! Today I am studying for my first Bio quiz tomorrow, preparing for my first visit at the preschool Beary Cherry Tree, and heading to Alpha tonight to have fun with the kids at church. The rest of the week includes a lot of work for an assignment in my HRT class and studying for the PRAXIS on Saturday morning. I am very nervous about taking this test…it determines whether or not I will be a certified teacher. Of course, if I don’t pass I can take it again…but I want to pass this Saturday! Prayers and good thoughts sent my way will be very appreciated. Thanks, friends!

Before I go absorb myself in Biology notes I want to show you my new hair! I mean it is my natural color, but it’s still new to me. It was shocking at first, but I’m glad I went back to my dark hair. I just feel more like myself πŸ™‚


Happy Tuesday!!

beach bound by megan

Hi y’all!!! Happy Friday πŸ™‚

Alright, well my bags are packed (sort of…I’ve got a few more things to throw in) and my Simply Organic Chai Spice Scones are baked. I can’t wait to try these scones. I sampled some dough and it was quite yummy!

{Yes, I’m lazy and did not take a picture of them straight from my oven…}

I also baked some healthified (I used unsweetened applesauce instead of oil andΒ  omitted the Funfetti icing on top) Funfetti cookies!

{mine look just like this minus the icing…they’re so cute with the icing, though}

I tried a small Funfetti cookie and it tasted so good. You would never know I used applesauce! And, the fact that these are cake cookies makes them so fluffy and doughy…well, cake like! I originally wanted to bake something from scratch and a little more wholesome, but I decided to save time and give these a whirl. I know my girlfriends will love these!!

Oh! I got my hair done today and I am back to brunette πŸ™‚ I have been reddish/blonde since February and I loved it, but I missed my dark hair a lot. And with fall arriving I thought now was a good time to bring back the brown! It is super dark right now and it will fade a bit with time, but I love it dark! I feel so mature, haha. I will have a picture for y’all soon!

Alright, well I am going to finish some last minute packing. I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and safe/fun/happy Labor Day!!!! See ya Tuesday πŸ™‚

fall by megan

Happy September 1st!!!!

I am so, so excited for September, which is odd because I am theΒ  girl who never wants summer to end. I usually get upset when August issues of magazines arrive because they are loaded with fall clothes and fall recipes. Weird, right?Β  I just adore sundresses and sandals and watermelon. But, surprisingly I am very ready for fall this year. Pumpkins, sweaters, tights, cooler air...the Lord just blesses us with so much during Fall, and I am beginning to appreciate the beauty of it all! Now, when fall decides to arrive in my city is another story. But there was a slight breeze outside this morning and that’s better than nothing, I suppose.

Has anyone gotten a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet?


I have not, but my mama made the trip this morning. She said it was delicious, of course!

So, I have been cracking down on school work since yesterday and I have gotten a lot accomplished! That was my plan because the rest of this week is going to be very busy

  • Tonight is Alpha at church and I will be working with Alpha Kids. I will be serving in crafts!


{Alpha is a 10 week course to explore the Christian faith. While all of the parents are learning I will be working with their kids! I am very excited!}

  • Tomorrow I have school ALL day…Bio lab starts tomorrow. I am pretty nervous about this, not gonna lie.
  • Thursday I am going shopping with my mama. She wants to take me to the Gap πŸ™‚ Love my mama!
  • And then, Thursday night I am going grocery shopping with my friend because…
  • Friday a group of my friends and I are going to the BEACH! We are going to my parents condo for Labor Day weekend and I am so excited!!!Β  We are heading to the beach Friday evening and coming back home Monday. This mini vacation is most needed.


  • Also, on Friday I am getting my hair done. I am going back to my roots…back to my natural brunette ways. I am a reddish/blonde right now and I have decided to go back to my natural color. I am really excited! The change was nice for several months, but I am ready to get back to my dark hair. I just feel more ME with dark hair.

So that’s my week in a nutshell! I have a lot to look forward to πŸ™‚ Except for that dreadful Bio lab…although microscopes are pretty fun. Especially this Hello Kitty one I found!

Hello Kitty

Can you even imagine if these were in the lab? Haha! Oh that would just make my day!!

Happy Tuesday!!!