joy by megan

I have recently been doing a lot of thinking about what makes me happy…what brings me joy. There are so many ways to answer that. God has blessed me with so much, and I am not one to sit around and let things go to waste. Questions about my life/career/future after I graduate with an Early Childhood degree in May 2010 have been popping into my head lately, and I do not know the answers to any of them. But the awesome thing is that God has the answers, and he is praying for me…he’s praying for you, too πŸ™‚

But, I do know that if I want to accomplish anything I simply can not rely on my faith on alone…I need to use the creativity & determination God gave me. Dreaming and pondering a career in fashion has been on my mind for the past 2 weeks…opening the boutique I’ve been wanting, writing about fashion (ie. a blog), or even working downtown at Saks Fifth Avenue for a little while. Those are all careers I dream of…I don’t dream of teaching. Is that terribly not right since I have spent so many years in school studying how to become a teacher?

I don’t know! I just know that I want to wake up every morning so excited to go to work…to do my job with a smile on my face.

Until then, until everything is figured out, I am going to continue working hard on my education degree, studying for the big teacher certification test coming up, and working on my field portfolios. I am going to continue feeling joyful for this life, waking up to read my bible each morning, serving my church, allowing God to have control, enjoying the fall season (apples!!!), and loving my friends & family.

The fall semester is almost over…lots to do in preparation for it. And, hopefully, my dreams will become realistic and some more writing will appear on this little blog…fashion writing…we shall see!

Happy Thursday…hope your week has been full of JOY!

p.s. thanks for reading πŸ™‚


thankful thursday by megan

Hey guys! Happy (thankful) Thursday πŸ™‚ Right now, I am thankful for my warm cup ofΒ  French Market coffee that I am enjoying oh so much!


I am also thankful that I am able to cook dinner tonight for my family! A few months ago I started cooking dinner for my family once a week, usually something healthy and easy. I really enjoy cooking and I am so thankful that I have the chance to do so. It was not until a few months ago that I began to show interest in using the stove and oven, instead of only relying on the good old microwave. I guess I thought the microwave got the job done in half the time a stove or oven would. But, I am beginning to enjoy spending time preparing meals. There is so much love and effort behind a meal. And, I really love sitting down with my family to eat what I’ve prepared…at the dinner table, at the same time (like we used to every single night when Lizzy and I were growing up…before college and jobs and boys took place)! Family dinner is a rare occurrence and is usually reserved for Sundays, but I notice our family dinner beginning to take place more and moreΒ  during the work week and it’s lovely.

So, anyway the menu for tonight is Grilled Tilapia with Smoked Paprika and Parmesan Polenta. It’s a Cooking Light recipe and sounds delicious, healthy, and simple. I can’t wait to get in the kitchen later! I mean look at what will be the result…

Happy Thursday!

cupcakes by megan


Before I get into the cupcakes (!!)…Happy Monday! So far my morning has consisted of oats, coffee, Regis & Kelly (Lucy Bustamante was co-hosting with Regis…she’s a newscaster down here and she was super great this morning), gym, and blog reading. Phew! And, let me add that my oats this morning were superb…topped with Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter & blueberries and made with Living Harvest Unsweetened Vanilla Hempmilk. Holy Yum…is Hempmilk delicious, or what? It made my oats super creamy. Total love for Hempmilk now!

On to other matters...skincare. I have been contemplating investing in a skincare line for a few weeks now. I see a dermatologist randomly (my skin is clear) and I have prescription face creams- Tazorac and Benzaclin. Although these creams have worked wonders on my skin, sometimes these truly dry out my face. It’s just so uncomfortable. If y’all have any recomendations please let me know! I would love a good moisturizer, essentially.

Dinner was great last night…Giada’s salmon with puff pastry and pesto recipe was delicious. I was a little skeptical about the puff pastry part, but it actually turned out really delicious. And the presentation of the salmon, tomato, green pesto combo was really gorgeous. But the star of the night were the cupcakes from the Kupcake Factory!


We orderd half a dozen- 2 Red Velvet, 2 Wedding Cake, and 2 Chocolate Cake with Vanilla frosting. Lizzy and I could not decide between the Wedding Cake and the Red Velvet so we cut them each in half to share. The icing was super sweet on both…I am not a huge fan of super sweet icing, but I enjoyed every last bite! The Red Velvet cake was so moist…it was Lizzy’s favorite. I loved the Red Velvet but if I had to choose I would pick the vanilla- almond flavor of the Wedding Cake as my favorite! While my mama said the Chocolate with Vanilla frosting was her favorite! I can’t wait to try different flavors…like the Sweet Praline Cupcake (a buttermilk cake topped with housemade creamy pralines with a caramel cream cheese frosting) and the Reese’s Peices Cupcake (a brownie chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting rolled in reese’s peices candy bits). You can drool over the other flavors and photos here! That Pumpkin Cupcake sounds perfect for fall! So, all in all last night was a wonderful night filled with food and family…told ya I love Sundays πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!!

sunday love by megan

Happy Sunday!

How are y’all? Today has been really great! I love my Sundays so much! I went to church and then to Wal-Mart with my mom and my sister and found these…


I love markers, crayons, glitter, coloring books…everything to that nature. I am going to teach pre-k, afterall! Well, that’s the plan, anyway. I am a Crayola girl, but these RoseArt glitter markers were just too tempting. I tried them…I approve!

Last night sushi was really fun and really delicious and I practically had to be rolled out of Sake. I like to eat sushi, what can I say? There were 4 of us at dinner and we ordered lots of rolls like Spider Web (my favorite), Rock n Roll, Crawfish Roll, Portobello Tempura Roll (my first time trying…so good!), Tuna roll, Rainbow roll…and some more. They were all very yummy…Sake never disappoints. The only picture I managed to take was this one…on our walk down Magazine Street to our car.

IMG_7740Me and my mama! My mom looks real enthused by my decision to snap our picture, haha.

I am very excited for dinner tonight…we are doing a Giada recipe. This one to be exact. We are serving it with polenta and a mixed greens salad loaded with tomatoes, almonds, and raisins. Oh, and sangria with apples and oranges, of course πŸ™‚ But, I must say that I am most excited about cupcakes for dessert from The Kupcake Factory.

We ordered 1/2 a dozen cupcakes. A mix of wedding cake, birthday cake, and red velvet I believe. I am so excited! Pictures tomorrow, for sure.

Sundays have always been a family day for us…and I wouldn’t choose to have it any other way. Sundays are such a blessing. Do y’all have any Sunday traditions?

Okay, I am off to help cut the fruit for the Sangria. Enjoy the evening!

sushi saturday by megan

Hey y’all! I hope Saturday has been fun for everyone. Oh, I just love the weekend πŸ™‚ Don’t y’all?

I’ve been watching the Healthy Living Summit LIVE…here. It’s been sooo informative and I wish I was in Boston right now! But, I am not and that’s okay! Because, tonight is sushi and I could not be more content. My parents, me, and a family friend whom I have not seen in a while are going to sushi at Sake Cafe. I love Sake…the one Uptown to be exact. There are many Sake locations all over the New Orleans/Metro area, but the one Uptown on Magazine Street is definitely the one I prefer. The sushi rolls are always presented so beautifully and everything is always fresh and bursting with flavor. And, the rolls are always large and hold their shape well. A pet peeve of mine is when a sushi roll falls apart, in between chopsticks, on the way to your mouth! Not necessary or fun!

So, last night my Uncle’s birthday party was a lot of fun, the Saints won (woohoo!) their first pre-season game, and we all enjoyed a lot of this…

IMG_7711and it was really yummy. Cookie Cake is one of my favorite cakes. Cookie Cake and the Berry Chantilly from Whole Foods. I am always happy when I am able to have a slice of either of these cakes. Aren’t cakes such a blessing? Yes, they are!

I hope your weekend is going beautifully so far…full of cake and sushi!