peachy keen by megan

Happy Saturday! I love Saturdays…sunny Saturdays, specifically. Like today! Even though there are some threatening dark colored clouds floating about it is still a pretty sunny day! Lizzy and I enjoyed a power walk around the neighborhood earlier. Surprisingly it was not too, too hot. There was a faint breeze. Hey, we take what we can get down here!

The Southern Living party was so much fun last night. My mom definitely ordered more than she planned on, but what can you do when there is so much Southern Living goodness to choose from? I helped her make good decisions though and she ended up with some pretty new things for our home ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and my dip turned out fabulously. People could not get over the fact that I usedย  Greek yogurt as one of the layers. Well, I did! Stonyfield Farm Oikos plain organic greek yogurt to be exact. It was thick, creamy, and tart! Perfect addition to my Eight- Layer Mediterranean Dip. It was definitely a hit!

I enjoyed more Stonyfield goodness today, too…

IMG_7789Peach flavored O’Soy soy yogurt. This is, hands down, my favorite soy yogurt on the market.

IMG_7787I have been loving and buying this yogurt long before Stonyfield sent me coupons…the coupons were definitely an added bonus to this weeks grocery shop, though ๐Ÿ™‚


O’Soy is so creamy and thick. I like to buy this particular yogurt in the 6 pack. The O’Soy 6 pack comes with 3 Peach and 3 Strawberry. Now, I am usually a strawberry girl…yogurt, smoothies, jam- you name it. But to my surprise the peach O’Soy is my love. The strawberry flavor is yummy too…but the peach has my heart. Now, it’s your turn to try O’Soy ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright, and it’s time for me to get some school work done before I babysit my cousin tonight. She loves Barbies and she loves to color…I already know it is going to be a fun night! Have a wonderful Saturday!


southern living by megan

Hi! Gosh, I don’t know what is up with me today but I am feeling a million different things all at once… I’m energetic, sleepy, snacky, happy, anxious. I just don’t know what my deal is!

This morning I had an early class…it was a one time meeting type deal. It’s a course we have to take the semester before student teaching. Basically I will spend the entire semester compiling a huge binder full of artifacts from my years spent in the College of Education. My artifacts have to meet a certain set of standards. This binder is better known as the “Tier III Assessment Portfolio”. Thinking about it makes me very anxious, but it is definitely something I need to think about because I can not wait until the last minute to start this monster of a portfolio. My plan is to work on it bit by bit throughout the semester. Wish me luck!

After class my friend and I hit up our campus gym…loved it! I hadn’t been to our gym since way before Hurricane Katrina. The fitness center was beautiful on the inside with a lot of equipment and huge windows overlooking campus, but my treadmill was a bit old. There was not even a spot for me to put my iPod or my water bottle. But it really was no big deal, I dealt with it! I rarely workout with a friend and it was a nice change ๐Ÿ™‚

Tonight my mom and I are going to a Southern Living party. I am so excited! My mom has been to a few, but I’ve never been to one. I am really looking forward to it. It will be something nice to do with her!

My mom has her eye on this (I love it, too!)…

The Royal Street Urn. I love the arrangement in the urn, as well. My mom is going to have it made. There are going to be so many pretty things to order tonight…it could be dangerous, haha!

The party is at my friends home and I am bringing a dip…Eight- Layer Mediterranean Dip to be exact. It’s another recipe from my Whole Foods iTouch app (love that app!), but you can also find it here. Doesn’t it look yummy?

I am making it later this afternoon and I can’t wait to try it tonight! I love every single ingredient that is going into it, especially the pita chips used to scoop it out!

Happy Friday, y’all!