dear fall, when will you be arriving? by megan

Hi friends!

Okay, so I am beyond ready for fall! It is in the 90’s down here today, y’all. It is October 7 and it is over 90 degrees outside. Sigh. I am dreaming of all things pumpkin and fall right now. Here are some of my favorite images to get me through this Louisiana heat…

{pumpkin cupcakes}

{fall leaves}

{pumpkin pie}

{pretty anthropologie sweater dresses} worn with tights, of course.

{loeffler randall boots} i die for these boots, by the way.

Happy Wednesday!


fall by megan

Happy September 1st!!!!

I am so, so excited for September, which is odd because I am the  girl who never wants summer to end. I usually get upset when August issues of magazines arrive because they are loaded with fall clothes and fall recipes. Weird, right?  I just adore sundresses and sandals and watermelon. But, surprisingly I am very ready for fall this year. Pumpkins, sweaters, tights, cooler air...the Lord just blesses us with so much during Fall, and I am beginning to appreciate the beauty of it all! Now, when fall decides to arrive in my city is another story. But there was a slight breeze outside this morning and that’s better than nothing, I suppose.

Has anyone gotten a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet?


I have not, but my mama made the trip this morning. She said it was delicious, of course!

So, I have been cracking down on school work since yesterday and I have gotten a lot accomplished! That was my plan because the rest of this week is going to be very busy

  • Tonight is Alpha at church and I will be working with Alpha Kids. I will be serving in crafts!


{Alpha is a 10 week course to explore the Christian faith. While all of the parents are learning I will be working with their kids! I am very excited!}

  • Tomorrow I have school ALL day…Bio lab starts tomorrow. I am pretty nervous about this, not gonna lie.
  • Thursday I am going shopping with my mama. She wants to take me to the Gap 🙂 Love my mama!
  • And then, Thursday night I am going grocery shopping with my friend because…
  • Friday a group of my friends and I are going to the BEACH! We are going to my parents condo for Labor Day weekend and I am so excited!!!  We are heading to the beach Friday evening and coming back home Monday. This mini vacation is most needed.


  • Also, on Friday I am getting my hair done. I am going back to my roots…back to my natural brunette ways. I am a reddish/blonde right now and I have decided to go back to my natural color. I am really excited! The change was nice for several months, but I am ready to get back to my dark hair. I just feel more ME with dark hair.

So that’s my week in a nutshell! I have a lot to look forward to 🙂 Except for that dreadful Bio lab…although microscopes are pretty fun. Especially this Hello Kitty one I found!

Hello Kitty

Can you even imagine if these were in the lab? Haha! Oh that would just make my day!!

Happy Tuesday!!!