tropical storm ida by megan

i can’t believe that a tropical storm, named ida, is nearing the gulf coast so late in hurricane season! crazy…so thankful that ida is not a threat to my city (just some rain & wind expected down here…and potential flooding in lower lying areas) and that she downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm overnight. whew! but prayers go out to mobile, al…that’s where ida appears to be headed. but, we will be experiencing some bad weather tonight, yikes!

i’ve been doing school work all day. but, it’s a good day for it… due to the weather conditions outside. oh, and i am wearing my new favorite sweatpants…they’re actually not mine at all! they’re my best friends and i need to return them, but i know she won’t mind me lounging in them until i do ๐Ÿ˜‰ actually, i have a pair of sweatpants on the way…boyfriend fit sweatpants. i ordered them last week…can’t wait for them to arrive so i can cozy up in them!

i hope y’all are enjoying your monday!…sorry for lack of photos, i just wanted to pop into say hi!

p.s.- the saints won last night!! we’re 8-0!!!!!


toddlers by megan

this morning i taught toddlers at church. i was in charge of a classroom with about 25 two & three year olds. thank goodness i had 3 amazing helpers. the morning was crazy and i even had to deal with a few potty training accidents…if you know what i mean. it was definitely a learning experience. and made me wonder if i am ready to have a classroom on my own. i loved playing with the children so much! but am i ready?ย  i don’t know what God is telling me right now, but i guess i will find out. i’m excited no matter what, though!

i am desperately trying to be good and do schoolwork, but my boys are playing (the saints!) and i can’t concentrate on anything! my eyes are glued to the tv screen. my parents are at the game…how fun!

Photo 108{thumbs up to my boys ๐Ÿ™‚ sporting my america’s team saints t-shirt!}

i hope y’all are all enjoying your sunday!

monday night football by megan

it’s monday night football! our very own new orleans saints vs. atlanta falcons. the saints are playing at home tonight in the superdome.

it was such a wonderful day for tailgating…a perfect fall day. i hope everyone downtown tailgating enjoyed the weather! as for me, i have been in my room doing school work, but i worked with my windows open! it was nice to hear the birds chirping, cars driving by, and children arriving home from school. i was home alone the majority of the day and it was so lovely to be alone. just me and my thoughts and my school work. my best friend came over to keep me company in the late afternoon and that was nice, too. she brought me two books to read “the discipline of grace” by jerry bridges and “the dangerous duty of delight” by john piper. i can’t wait to dive into them!

the game starts in 1 hour! i do not know much about football, but i am slowly learning. i know that we are 6-0 and that’s so amazingly great! i really hope the saints continue to play so well…our city needs this boost of positive energy the saints have brought to us this season!

so, i am headed downstairs to watch the game with my parents…that way i won’t be completely lost during the game. my parents definitely know their football!

football friday by megan

happy friday!

This morning at the gym I watched Gilmore Girls and it made me very happy! I love that show…Lorelai’s way of thinking and living is just so wonderful to me. She and Rory are the epitome of mother/daughter best friends…and that makes me feel happy for some reason.

I am happy to report that the Chicken Orzo Salad with Goat Cheese I made last night for dinner was a winner!

IMG_7651It’s really pretty! I love the bursts of color from the grape tomatoes and the spinach. I used spinach instead of arugula and it turned out really delicious! Also, before I served it I topped each serving with goat cheese crumbles. My family loved this salad so I was a happy girl. I love to be in the kitchen…cooking, eating, whatever! Also, we ate this salad lukewarm. I don’t think it was meant to be hot. I am going to eat it cold today for lunch and see how it tastes at that temperature, too. Y’all should try this recipe! It’s very light and perfect for summer.

Tonight is the first Saints pre-season game! I am not much of a football gal, but I do love to support and cheer for my Saints!! I may not know the football lingo…but I do know when we make a touchdown! We are going to watch the game at my aunt & uncles house and celebrate my uncle’s birthday at the same time.

So with that being said my evening will consist of…salad, wine, pizza, birthday cake, football, and family. Who knows, there may be ice cream thrown in there too! Love.

I hope y’all all have a wonderful Friday!