new love by megan

i just ate a bowl of this granola with light vanilla soy milk for lunch and i think know this may be my new favorite granola…ever. it is lightly sweet with chunks of dark chocolate and almond slivers. and combined with the vanilla silk…well, it was just splendid! i can’t wait to try it mixed with oikos honey greek yogurt. yum!

yesterday at the grocery my mom and i finally found pineapple flavored chobani. i squealed and we bought 3 πŸ™‚ can’t wait to try it! and i also had to get stonyfield chocolate underground fat free yogurt too…even though it is loaded with sugar. it’s the best chocolate yogurt i’ve ever had. and it’s a wonderful treat!

women’s conference is tonight. early dinner at caffe caffe beforehand.

happy friday y’all!


peachy keen by megan

Happy Saturday! I love Saturdays…sunny Saturdays, specifically. Like today! Even though there are some threatening dark colored clouds floating about it is still a pretty sunny day! Lizzy and I enjoyed a power walk around the neighborhood earlier. Surprisingly it was not too, too hot. There was a faint breeze. Hey, we take what we can get down here!

The Southern Living party was so much fun last night. My mom definitely ordered more than she planned on, but what can you do when there is so much Southern Living goodness to choose from? I helped her make good decisions though and she ended up with some pretty new things for our home πŸ™‚ Oh, and my dip turned out fabulously. People could not get over the fact that I usedΒ  Greek yogurt as one of the layers. Well, I did! Stonyfield Farm Oikos plain organic greek yogurt to be exact. It was thick, creamy, and tart! Perfect addition to my Eight- Layer Mediterranean Dip. It was definitely a hit!

I enjoyed more Stonyfield goodness today, too…

IMG_7789Peach flavored O’Soy soy yogurt. This is, hands down, my favorite soy yogurt on the market.

IMG_7787I have been loving and buying this yogurt long before Stonyfield sent me coupons…the coupons were definitely an added bonus to this weeks grocery shop, though πŸ™‚


O’Soy is so creamy and thick. I like to buy this particular yogurt in the 6 pack. The O’Soy 6 pack comes with 3 Peach and 3 Strawberry. Now, I am usually a strawberry girl…yogurt, smoothies, jam- you name it. But to my surprise the peach O’Soy is my love. The strawberry flavor is yummy too…but the peach has my heart. Now, it’s your turn to try O’Soy πŸ™‚

Alright, and it’s time for me to get some school work done before I babysit my cousin tonight. She loves Barbies and she loves to color…I already know it is going to be a fun night! Have a wonderful Saturday!

good eats by megan

Hey y’all! Oh my today has been quite a Tuesday, let me tell ya. I have been so busy getting school stuff organized for tomorrow and I just feel like the organization process will never end! I feel like I will never be just as organized as I would like to be, but I am going to try!

Last night I experienced a bit of a mishap involving a school, but I got it straightened out thankfully. The only bummer is that I had to add a class. This was not something I was expecting and it most definitely was not an easy feat considering it was the first day of classes and most were full!!! Grr. Let’s just say I acted pretty dramatically over this last night. It all turned out fine though because I managed to get an online (!!!) Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism class. It is an elective so I am praying it will turn out interesting since I do not know anything about HRT. I know God has it under control though, what a relief!

Yesterday before all of the drama took place I snacked on one of my new Larabar flavors…Tropical Fruit Tart.

IMG_7775Please go buy this, y’all! To me it tasted just like a pina colada. Also, I liked how it was crumbly like a cookie. Well, mine was crumbly! I don’t know if it was supposed to be, but I liked it that way! There were chunks of dried fruit in there and I liked that too. Yay Larabar!! This is a sure winner in my book.

And just a few moments ago I enjoyed another delicious snack. Today I chose Stonyfield Farm Organic Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt


and I topped it with Welch’s Dried Fruit Snacks in Tropical Sensation (pineapple, mango, and papaya).

IMG_7781I love these little snack bags of dried fruit. This was actually the first time I tried it as a topping…and oh my gosh! It was so yummy! I mean look at it…


IMG_7783I like things sweet, so the tartness of the Greek yogurt and the sweetness of the dried fruit was perfection! For me atleast πŸ™‚ I am so grateful that Stonyfield sent me all of those coupons over the weekend…I can’t wait to stock up on Oikos and other Stonyfield goodies! This snack made me one happy girl, that’s for sure!

Alright, I am off to tackle some more organizing. Wish me luck! Happy Tuesday!!

super saturday by megan

Happy Saturday, y’all! Today has been great so far πŸ™‚ I did some yummy yoga, baked tomorrow nights dessert (and licked the spoon hehe) and received some fun surprises in the mail!

A humoungous thank you to Kristina from Stonyfield Farms for this…

IMG_7768A handwritten note, a magnet, Food, Inc info, a reusable bag, and COUPONS galore for Stonyfield’s yummy yogurt! IΒ  can’t wait to head to Whole Foods and put these coupons to good use. Thanks again, Kristina!!!

Also, my favorite issue of all time arrived today…

IMG_7769The September Vogue. I love the September issue and have been collecting them since 2004. The massive amount of fall ads are my favorite part of the Vogue September issue. Fall is on its way…I’m definitely ready for the cooler weather. But living in the South cooler weather is not expected until mid October. If we are lucky! Heck, my some of my family members wore shorts last Christmas Day! Oh, how I wish we experienced all four seasons down here…

Oh, and last night my friends and I had a movie night…a Jane Austen movie night! We watched Emma and Becoming Jane. I loved Emma! I think it is now my favorite of all Jane Austen novels/movies. Although Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility are wonderful. I just love Emma’s character. She was such a gossip but tried so hard to be kind hearted! She was so loving. And, Becoming Jane was so beautiful, but the ending was too depressing. Have any of y’all seen Becoming Jane? I want to see The Jane Austen Book Club next.

Tonight I am babysitting my cousins while my aunt and uncle attend a wedding. I love spending time with my cousins! They are so much fun when they are little πŸ™‚ Hopefully we get to color a lot, my favorite thing to do!

Happy Saturday, friends!