thankful by megan

thanksgiving is approaching…and i am so very excited. i can’t believe the holiday season is upon us. it’s my favorite time of the year. everything just seems…right. people are kinder. love just seems to radiate. atleast, that’s how i find the holidays to be!

with thanksgiving so near, i’ve been thinking of what i am thankful for. but there is so much i don’t even know where to begin. so, here’s a brief list

  • God and my faith…where would I be without God?
  • family & friends & my church
  • finally enjoying life: friends, food, family, school, happy times, sad times, laughter, learning, making mistakes…hitting bumps in the road and relying on God’s strength to get me through!
  • new orleans
  • being me…and just me. simple as that.

of course, there are many more things i am thankful for…but those few stand out right now!

look at this thankful turkey craft i found…

how much fun would it be to make him? i would love to have a thanksgiving craft party with each and every one of you! because, i am so thankful for you! my readers…the very small amount of you πŸ™‚ y’all have been with me since the blogging days of health, fashion, happiness! and i am so thankful to have y’all as friends!

enjoy your monday!


weekend by megan

oh weekend, how i love thee.

i had a sleepover last night at my best friends house. we were supposed to work on our student teaching portfolios for many hours, but instead we ate tomato, artichoke, and feta pizza (n0 sauce) from rotolo’s and made brownies with homemade icing.

we made the icing with lots of powdered sugar and several tablespoons of skim milk. oh and a tsp of vanilla extract. the icing melted on the brownies and it reminded us of oreos. so yummy.

we also watched dan in real life, and i am officially obsessed with sondre lerche. every single song in the movie was sung by him, and he is wonderful!

but, now i must work on my student teaching portfolio…since i did not last night. it’s still a happy saturday…

…so enjoy your day!

early excitement by megan

so, it is finally cold down here. don’t laugh, but it is in the 60’s…and that is cold weather for us southerners! we have been waiting patiently for a cold day for a while now…

anyway, i’m sitting here working on my student teaching portfolio all bundled up in black leggings, one of my favorite patagonia fleeces, and ugg boots ..and listening to christmas music. i am so ready for christmas. and all of the things that come along with it in my wonderful city…

{celebration in the oaks at city park}

{more celebration in the oaks}

{fulton street snow}

{my mama’s homemade peanut butter balls}

{family photo in front of the poinsettia tree at city park}

ah, i know its a little early to get excited for christmas…especially since my favorite holiday, thanksgiving, is next week! i need to focus on that…and all the goodness that comes with it πŸ™‚ and, i am thinking of making these martha stewart place cards…

{here’s the how to}

but i may need to go with an easier one…like this other martha craft

{how to}

maybe i will make both?

happy tuesday, friends!

new love by megan

i just ate a bowl of this granola with light vanilla soy milk for lunch and i think know this may be my new favorite granola…ever. it is lightly sweet with chunks of dark chocolate and almond slivers. and combined with the vanilla silk…well, it was just splendid! i can’t wait to try it mixed with oikos honey greek yogurt. yum!

yesterday at the grocery my mom and i finally found pineapple flavored chobani. i squealed and we bought 3 πŸ™‚ can’t wait to try it! and i also had to get stonyfield chocolate underground fat free yogurt too…even though it is loaded with sugar. it’s the best chocolate yogurt i’ve ever had. and it’s a wonderful treat!

women’s conference is tonight. early dinner at caffe caffe beforehand.

happy friday y’all!

tomorrow, tomorrow by megan

tomorrow is the women’s conference at my church and i am so looking forward to it. elyse fitzpatrick is guest speaking…author of such books like:

because he loves me

love to eat, hate to eat

idols of the heart

…and many more. i read love to eat, hate to eat and it changed my life regarding my eating disorder and just eating in general (oh! and my 1 year anniversary was nov. 1…that was the day God changed my life, and i haven’t looked back).

i can’t wait to spend time with the fabulous women of my church this weekend! growing in our relationships with each other and with Jesus!

before the conference my best friend and i are going to an early dinner. we have so much to talk about….we’re both literally bursting with things to share! love when that happens!

tomorrow is friday! do y’all have any fun plans for the weekend?

excuse me, but i must retreat to my bed…grey’s anatomy is on!

that kind of day by megan

do you ever have those days where you simply can not concentrate? well, that’s the kind of day i am having today. there are so many things i could be/should be doing right now, but i’m just feeling a little lost. i really want to watch movies in my bed with an endless supply of coffee all day…

but i can not watch movies and drink coffee all day, so i need to make the most of the day ahead of me. which means studying biology and PRAXIS flashcards.

at least i am all cozy in my new sweatpants that arrived yesterday evening! they are so soft…they make me smile πŸ™‚

Photo 109don’t they look super cozy?

happy tuesday!

tropical storm ida by megan

i can’t believe that a tropical storm, named ida, is nearing the gulf coast so late in hurricane season! crazy…so thankful that ida is not a threat to my city (just some rain & wind expected down here…and potential flooding in lower lying areas) and that she downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm overnight. whew! but prayers go out to mobile, al…that’s where ida appears to be headed. but, we will be experiencing some bad weather tonight, yikes!

i’ve been doing school work all day. but, it’s a good day for it… due to the weather conditions outside. oh, and i am wearing my new favorite sweatpants…they’re actually not mine at all! they’re my best friends and i need to return them, but i know she won’t mind me lounging in them until i do πŸ˜‰ actually, i have a pair of sweatpants on the way…boyfriend fit sweatpants. i ordered them last week…can’t wait for them to arrive so i can cozy up in them!

i hope y’all are enjoying your monday!…sorry for lack of photos, i just wanted to pop into say hi!

p.s.- the saints won last night!! we’re 8-0!!!!!

toddlers by megan

this morning i taught toddlers at church. i was in charge of a classroom with about 25 two & three year olds. thank goodness i had 3 amazing helpers. the morning was crazy and i even had to deal with a few potty training accidents…if you know what i mean. it was definitely a learning experience. and made me wonder if i am ready to have a classroom on my own. i loved playing with the children so much! but am i ready?Β  i don’t know what God is telling me right now, but i guess i will find out. i’m excited no matter what, though!

i am desperately trying to be good and do schoolwork, but my boys are playing (the saints!) and i can’t concentrate on anything! my eyes are glued to the tv screen. my parents are at the game…how fun!

Photo 108{thumbs up to my boys πŸ™‚ sporting my america’s team saints t-shirt!}

i hope y’all are all enjoying your sunday!

thankful by megan

today i am so thankful…for my family, health, happiness, and friends. and for Jesus, always thankful for Jesus πŸ™‚ yesterday was a tough day for my family & i. it could have been much scarier than what it was..but God was with me and i stayed strong. without God i don’t know how i would get through tough situations. they just pop up on us all the time, don’t they? it’s so much easier to put my trust in God! he is so faithful.

last night i went to my friends house to bake a pie. a pecan streusel topped pumpkin pie to be exact. from the december issue of southern living.

our pie looked similar to this one. it was delicious! i love pumpkin pie, and i am definitely thankful for pumpkin right now!

tonight i am attending a wedding for two of my dear friends…i got a manicure + pedicure earlier, and now it is time to finish getting ready. two of my friends are doing my hair later. i am so blessed to have beautiful friends who are good at playing with hair and curling it, because i have not a clue what to do with my locks!

enjoy your friday night!