today was difficult, but there were a few things that brightened my day up beautifully! i love my job and working with kids. no matter how difficult my life can get, the kids i teach everyday always make me smile, laugh, and just feel happy. such a complete & total blessing.

1. my new favorite book about a tiny mouse and a gigantic cupcake. it’s about sharing and i think it is a darling. my kids enjoyed it too.

2. our craft for the day: a tropical bird. we are talking about the rainforest and my kids were so excited to create their own tropical bird. the toucan and macaw were both very popular!

3. a pretty “bouquet” picked for me by a sweet student on the way to the yard to play. she stops every day and picks me a “bouquet of sunflowers”.

did i mention how much i adore the children i teach?


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