birthday & beer

happy birthday to my gorgeous little sister, lizzy!

{lizzy on left, me on right)

today we are celebrating my sister’s birthday with a beer tasting… my family’s restaurant, Lagers, and bar, The Bulldog, are hosting a fundraiser for the SPCA at beautiful City Park today- New Orleans Beer on Tap.  i could not be more excited to hang out with my family, listen to good music, and enjoy the pretty day…i do not drink beer, though! but, i just may have to try a few tastes ($1 per 3 oz.) since the money goes to adorable animals.

happy saturday!




it is finally october! my birthday has passed and it was wonderful…i love my family & friends a lot, a lot, a lot! we had dinner at the rum house (table for 20) and dessert at sucre. my 2 favorite places! i also had a family dinner (shrimp & grits, roasted veggies, whole foods seeduction bread…) and birthday cake. berry chantilly, but of course. i could not have imagined a better birthday and i am so incredibly blessed.

now back to preschool planning…

{whole foods berry chantilly}