friday {happy} things

i am still sick in here are a few things that are making me happy…

These oatmeal lace clutches. I saw them a few months ago on emily ley and falling in love is an understatement! I can’t get them off of my mind…

oatmeal lace for emily ley

i know i talked about this in my last post but…downton abbey. i can not get enough! i started season 1 last week and i am now halfway through season 2. i hope to finish today {while still in bed} so i can get started on season 3 that we have been DVRing.

downton abbey…i love mary’s dress!

i did some dresser rearranging. and it is just making me happy. sometimes just moving things around can give your room a new look.


on another note, do y’all have any fun plans for the weekend? i am planning on laying low…don’t need another relapse. J and i have a wedding to attend on saturday night, but it is still up in the air if we will go. it just depends on how i am feeling! so i am thinking lots more couch time and downton abbey…resting up to get back to my little pre-k class monday!

happy, happy weekend to y’all!


wednesday words

i am home from work…sick! i was sick last week with an icky virus and we believe what i have now is a relapse from that icky virus. so i am home in bed resting. which leads me to do a lot of wedding planning! i have been listening to song samples for our ceremony, emailing bakeries, and stalking our photographers website! i have also been watching downton abby…oh my goodness! i now see what all the fuss is about. how i wish i lived during that time period. so i was just popping in to say hi and hopefully this little blog will be seeing some changes and many more blog posts soon! 

stay healthy, y’all!!