oh happy day by megan

Hello! I hope your Thursday has been going well. Mine certainly has!! I can’t wait to share it with y’all…

My mama and I spent the day together…shopping! It was so much fun. I scored some super stuff at the Gap like boyfriend jeans and a shrunken schoolboy blazer. Then we wandered into Ann Taylor Loft because my mom had things on hold for us. My mom is a sucker for all things Ann Taylor Loft. I can ocassionally find things I like in there, too.  And, today I did! I found a cute dress for fall (to wear with tights) to wear under this shawl neck sweater vest or this drapey sweater vest. My mama got some equally cute things as well. We’re gonna share the two sweaters…made us feel a little better about buying both, haha.  None of this was on sale…but I did find a great steal today that I could not pass up.


IMG_7630A linea pelle dylan bag. At TJ Maxx. I spotted it (I have an eye for this) and grabbed it. My heart was racing, I tell you! I was so excited I almost cried. The price was too good to pass up. Thank God for TJ Maxx.

IMG_7633Isn’t she pretty? It is a bit smaller than the huge Longchamp I am carrying now…but I will work it out!

I also scored an adorable cookbook at TJ Maxx


And I can’t wait to bake up batches of these triple chocolate muffins


and these griddle cake. Mmm. They remind me of the McGriddles at McDonalds. Does anyone else love those? I have not had one in years…


Well, I’m off to watch Gilmore Girls. Tonight I am finally going to see Harry Potter and I could not be more excited 🙂

I hope y’all are having a gorgeous Thursday!

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