so, last weekend my best friend and i attempted gluten free, vegan baking. it did not turn out as we hoped! but we are not giving up and we are determined to create a delicious gluten free, vegan dessert. babycakes bakery being our inspiration, of course. we are already concocting new recipes in our heads…we are so excited to start this baking adventure! love my bestie!

{1} baking supplies ready to go, {2} my best friend and i dressed to bake, {3} chocolate chip cookies ready for baking (recipe from babycakes cookbook)



i have been sick with a cough for the past four weeks. that’s right…four. going on five now. i am trying not to complain, but it is just so frustrating. i just want to feel better…a doctor visit and a shot and antibiotics and cough suppressants are not working. woe is me, right?

anyway, it’s sunday! my favorite day. although i had to miss church this morning and reschedule my class at pure barre…it is still a good day! i have been relaxing and getting things done for the work week ahead- which is a short one! tomorrow is a field trip and friday the kids are off! 3 day teaching week…i’ll take it!

and tomorrow is valentines day…oh, love!

happy sunday!


today was a good day at work. my kiddies made ladybug thumbprints for their end of the year journals, we read pinkalicious, purplicious, and if you give a pig a pancake, and played outside in the glorious sunshine! i am so blessed and incredibly happy with what God is doing in my life right now. and not to mention valentines day is coming up. i have always loved valentines day. the chocolate, the glitter hearts, the flowers, the cards! i just love love! happy tuesday, all!


today was a wonderful saturday spent with wonderful ladies at a bridal tea for a close friend.  we enjoyed scones, tea sandwiches (egg salad, chicken salad, cream cheese + cranberry, cucumber), and some of the most delicious tea(s) i have ever had. the room we had tea in was inspired by jane austen. we were even served a tea called “mr. darcy”. it was such a lovely experience…i want to have a tea party every Saturday morning from now on!

king cake

the past few weeks have been filled with work, friends, birthday parties, baby showers, and king cake. of course! this year is an extra long mardi gras season…meaning we had all of january and still have the whole month of february and then some for enjoying my favorite cake ever!

this one is a McKenzies (a beloved nola bakery that closed its doors years ago)…one of my students parents brought it. i think my pre-schoolers are going to turn into king cake before mardi gras on march 8!

happy thursday night, y’all!

my weekend

my weekend was lovely and consisted of sushi and sucre (hot chocolate and a mardi gras macaroon) with my mom and lizzy, purchasing my brand new white 2011 jetta (!!!), church, an italian lunch with my best friend, and sucre (this time it was king cake and a delicious soy almond latte) again. and today i am off… one of the major perks of being a teacher is most definitely the holidays! i am truly enjoying this monday relaxing, occasionally sneaking glimpses of my new car through the window, and could not be any happier!

happy 2011!

so this is the new year 🙂 i spent new years with beautiful/wonderful/amazing friends last night, stayed up way too late, and had champagne. it was lovely! i am so excited to begin 2011…i just know God has good things in store for this year. i am not a fan of resolutions. but i do know i am going to live life fully this year and not let a moment pass me by. i want to dance when people are watching, take chances, and allow the Lord to do his work in me 🙂

happy 2011, y’all!



the end of a year

i am definitely missing christmas…and the excuse to eat random peanut butter balls & chocolate fudge at any moment of the day. but i am so excited for the new year! 2011. i know it is going to be a good year! 2010 was incredible, hard, fun, and life changing. i student taught, the saints won the super bowl, i graduated college, i went on many interviews, i got a job at a private school teaching pre-k (my dream), and the most amazing part is that i love that job! life is too good…God is too good to me. so many blessings this year…i am so thankful 🙂


it was a wonderful year. and i know 2011 will be just as wonderful!

{1. my very own classroom, 2. happiness, 3. the family at my graduation, 4. berry chantilly graduation cake, 5. my best friend + i at my parents condo, 6. girls @ sucre, 7. saints pride, 8. christmas eve 2010}

birthday & beer

happy birthday to my gorgeous little sister, lizzy!

{lizzy on left, me on right)

today we are celebrating my sister’s birthday with a beer tasting… my family’s restaurant, Lagers, and bar, The Bulldog, are hosting a fundraiser for the SPCA at beautiful City Park today- New Orleans Beer on Tap.  i could not be more excited to hang out with my family, listen to good music, and enjoy the pretty day…i do not drink beer, though! but, i just may have to try a few tastes ($1 per 3 oz.) since the money goes to adorable animals.

happy saturday!



it is finally october! my birthday has passed and it was wonderful…i love my family & friends a lot, a lot, a lot! we had dinner at the rum house (table for 20) and dessert at sucre. my 2 favorite places! i also had a family dinner (shrimp & grits, roasted veggies, whole foods seeduction bread…) and birthday cake. berry chantilly, but of course. i could not have imagined a better birthday and i am so incredibly blessed.

now back to preschool planning…

{whole foods berry chantilly}