i have been sick with a cough for the past four weeks. that’s right…four. going on five now. i am trying not to complain, but it is just so frustrating. i just want to feel better…a doctor visit and a shot and antibiotics and cough suppressants are not working. woe is me, right?

anyway, it’s sunday! my favorite day. although i had to miss church this morning and reschedule my class at pure barre…it is still a good day! i have been relaxing and getting things done for the work week ahead- which is a short one! tomorrow is a field trip and friday the kids are off! 3 day teaching week…i’ll take it!

and tomorrow is valentines day…oh, love!

happy sunday!


3 thoughts on “sick

  1. Hope youre feeling better! I totally feel you though…I had the flu for almost 2 weeks which was 2 weeks ago (ha!) and I still have this lingering cough. No fun!
    How do you like Pure Barre?! I’ve been a few times; definitely leaves my muscles shaking : )
    Happy Almost Friday!
    Katie : )

    • Hey Katie, I hope your cough goes away soon…mine is finally starting to leave! I feel much better!! I love Pure Barre! I went yesterday and it was so hard, but it is so good! I am sore today, ha!

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