the end of a year

i am definitely missing christmas…and the excuse to eat random peanut butter balls & chocolate fudge at any moment of the day. but i am so excited for the new year! 2011. i know it is going to be a good year! 2010 was incredible, hard, fun, and life changing. i student taught, the saints won the super bowl, i graduated college, i went on many interviews, i got a job at a private school teaching pre-k (my dream), and the most amazing part is that i love that job! life is too good…God is too good to me. so many blessings this year…i am so thankful 🙂


it was a wonderful year. and i know 2011 will be just as wonderful!

{1. my very own classroom, 2. happiness, 3. the family at my graduation, 4. berry chantilly graduation cake, 5. my best friend + i at my parents condo, 6. girls @ sucre, 7. saints pride, 8. christmas eve 2010}


One thought on “the end of a year

  1. What a year for you, Megan! Congratulations on your new job… I remember how hard you were working to attain your goal and you’re going to be a FABULOUS teacher.

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