i am a legit teacher! i love my pre-school kids and i love my big girl job. it’s so funny to think that i have not written in over a year, and one of my posts on this blog was the semester before i started student teaching. i was so confused and unsure of where God was going with my life; what direction he was taking me. i was even considering changing my major, but i didn’t. teaching is my calling! i know that now. i am constantly busy and i feel crazy sometimes, but i am loving every minute!

happy labor day! how are y’all spending it? i did yoga, ate breakfast with my dad (an egg over easy and waffles with lemon curd), and have been planning my lessons for the week ever since. we are doing a small family bbq later. grilled chicken, grilled hot dogs, greek pasta salad.

i am off to wal-mart for some craft supplies. it never ends!


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