early excitement by megan

so, it is finally cold down here. don’t laugh, but it is in the 60’s…and that is cold weather for us southerners! we have been waiting patiently for a cold day for a while now…

anyway, i’m sitting here working on my student teaching portfolio all bundled up in black leggings, one of my favorite patagonia fleeces, and ugg boots ..and listening to christmas music. i am so ready for christmas. and all of the things that come along with it in my wonderful city…

{celebration in the oaks at city park}

{more celebration in the oaks}

{fulton street snow}

{my mama’s homemade peanut butter balls}

{family photo in front of the poinsettia tree at city park}

ah, i know its a little early to get excited for christmas…especially since my favorite holiday, thanksgiving, is next week! i need to focus on that…and all the goodness that comes with it πŸ™‚ and, i am thinking of making these martha stewart place cards…

{here’s the how to}

but i may need to go with an easier one…like this other martha craft

{how to}

maybe i will make both?

happy tuesday, friends!


3 thoughts on “early excitement by megan

  1. This put me in quite the holiday spirit! Those turkey place cards are SO COOL. And your mom’s peanut butter balls looks amazing! Wish we could play in the snow and sip cocoa together!

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