tomorrow, tomorrow by megan

tomorrow is the women’s conference at my church and i am so looking forward to it. elyse fitzpatrick is guest speaking…author of such books like:

because he loves me

love to eat, hate to eat

idols of the heart

…and many more. i read love to eat, hate to eat and it changed my life regarding my eating disorder and just eating in general (oh! and my 1 year anniversary was nov. 1…that was the day God changed my life, and i haven’t looked back).

i can’t wait to spend time with the fabulous women of my church this weekend! growing in our relationships with each other and with Jesus!

before the conference my best friend and i are going to an early dinner. we have so much to talk about….we’re both literally bursting with things to share! love when that happens!

tomorrow is friday! do y’all have any fun plans for the weekend?

excuse me, but i must retreat to my bed…grey’s anatomy is on!


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