new love by megan

i just ate a bowl of this granola with light vanilla soy milk for lunch and i think know this may be my new favorite granola…ever. it is lightly sweet with chunks of dark chocolate and almond slivers. and combined with the vanilla silk…well, it was just splendid! i can’t wait to try it mixed with oikos honey greek yogurt. yum!

yesterday at the grocery my mom and i finally found pineapple flavored chobani. i squealed and we bought 3 🙂 can’t wait to try it! and i also had to get stonyfield chocolate underground fat free yogurt too…even though it is loaded with sugar. it’s the best chocolate yogurt i’ve ever had. and it’s a wonderful treat!

women’s conference is tonight. early dinner at caffe caffe beforehand.

happy friday y’all!


3 thoughts on “new love by megan

  1. YUM! There’s a sample of Cascadian Farms granola in our pantry, too! Glad you liked it.

    The pineapple Chobs is SO GOOD. Hope you love it!

    Have fun tonight!

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