that kind of day by megan

do you ever have those days where you simply can not concentrate? well, that’s the kind of day i am having today. there are so many things i could be/should be doing right now, but i’m just feeling a little lost. i really want to watch movies in my bed with an endless supply of coffee all day…

but i can not watch movies and drink coffee all day, so i need to make the most of the day ahead of me. which means studying biology and PRAXIS flashcards.

at least i am all cozy in my new sweatpants that arrived yesterday evening! they are so soft…they make me smile πŸ™‚

Photo 109don’t they look super cozy?

happy tuesday!


3 thoughts on “that kind of day by megan

  1. Yessss I have those kinds of days all the time! It helps to get out of the house when I have things to do, but there aren’t too many places to work around here 😦

    I LOVE those sweatpants!!! Where did you get them?!

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