tropical storm ida by megan

i can’t believe that a tropical storm, named ida, is nearing the gulf coast so late in hurricane season! crazy…so thankful that ida is not a threat to my city (just some rain & wind expected down here…and potential flooding in lower lying areas) and that she downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm overnight. whew! but prayers go out to mobile, al…that’s where ida appears to be headed. but, we will be experiencing some bad weather tonight, yikes!

i’ve been doing school work all day. but, it’s a good day for it… due to the weather conditions outside. oh, and i am wearing my new favorite sweatpants…they’re actually not mine at all! they’re my best friends and i need to return them, but i know she won’t mind me lounging in them until i do 😉 actually, i have a pair of sweatpants on the way…boyfriend fit sweatpants. i ordered them last week…can’t wait for them to arrive so i can cozy up in them!

i hope y’all are enjoying your monday!…sorry for lack of photos, i just wanted to pop into say hi!

p.s.- the saints won last night!! we’re 8-0!!!!!


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