toddlers by megan

this morning i taught toddlers at church. i was in charge of a classroom with about 25 two & three year olds. thank goodness i had 3 amazing helpers. the morning was crazy and i even had to deal with a few potty training accidents…if you know what i mean. it was definitely a learning experience. and made me wonder if i am ready to have a classroom on my own. i loved playing with the children so much! but am i ready?  i don’t know what God is telling me right now, but i guess i will find out. i’m excited no matter what, though!

i am desperately trying to be good and do schoolwork, but my boys are playing (the saints!) and i can’t concentrate on anything! my eyes are glued to the tv screen. my parents are at the game…how fun!

Photo 108{thumbs up to my boys 🙂 sporting my america’s team saints t-shirt!}

i hope y’all are all enjoying your sunday!


3 thoughts on “toddlers by megan

  1. I hear ya girl — though I still have a few years of school go .. I can’t imagine actually being a TEACHER.. standing in front of a classroom of students. It’s intimidating!

    good luck to your team 🙂 you are too cute for words!

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