thankful by megan

today i am so thankful…for my family, health, happiness, and friends. and for Jesus, always thankful for Jesus 🙂 yesterday was a tough day for my family & i. it could have been much scarier than what it was..but God was with me and i stayed strong. without God i don’t know how i would get through tough situations. they just pop up on us all the time, don’t they? it’s so much easier to put my trust in God! he is so faithful.

last night i went to my friends house to bake a pie. a pecan streusel topped pumpkin pie to be exact. from the december issue of southern living.

our pie looked similar to this one. it was delicious! i love pumpkin pie, and i am definitely thankful for pumpkin right now!

tonight i am attending a wedding for two of my dear friends…i got a manicure + pedicure earlier, and now it is time to finish getting ready. two of my friends are doing my hair later. i am so blessed to have beautiful friends who are good at playing with hair and curling it, because i have not a clue what to do with my locks!

enjoy your friday night!


3 thoughts on “thankful by megan

  1. Girly, your positivity always rubs off on me!

    I hope everything is okay with you and your family… I’m always here for you.

    CONGRATS TO YOUR FRIENDS and have a blasty at the wedding!!!

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