monday night football by megan

it’s monday night football! our very own new orleans saints vs. atlanta falcons. the saints are playing at home tonight in the superdome.

it was such a wonderful day for tailgating…a perfect fall day. i hope everyone downtown tailgating enjoyed the weather! as for me, i have been in my room doing school work, but i worked with my windows open! it was nice to hear the birds chirping, cars driving by, and children arriving home from school. i was home alone the majority of the day and it was so lovely to be alone. just me and my thoughts and my school work. my best friend came over to keep me company in the late afternoon and that was nice, too. she brought me two books to read “the discipline of grace” by jerry bridges and “the dangerous duty of delight” by john piper. i can’t wait to dive into them!

the game starts in 1 hour! i do not know much about football, but i am slowly learning. i know that we are 6-0 and that’s so amazingly great! i really hope the saints continue to play so well…our city needs this boost of positive energy the saints have brought to us this season!

so, i am headed downstairs to watch the game with my parents…that way i won’t be completely lost during the game. my parents definitely know their football!


2 thoughts on “monday night football by megan

  1. you are basically every guys dream girl — not gonna lie, I am totally not a football fan 🙂 though I don’t hate those tight pants that they wear 😉

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