halloween by megan

happy halloween!

i love halloween…i always have! i love costumes and candy and parties….just keep the scary stuff away from me 😉

tonight i am going downtown with the girls for my friends bachelorette/lingerie party, and i am so positively excited! i usually spend halloween with my family and all of my younger cousins at our neighborhood block party, so i am looking forward to a night out with friends this year! oh, and i’m going to be a sailor girl! i adore getting dressed up in costume for a night…it’s always been something i loved to do, whether it was for a dance recital costume or a mardi gras costume.  i think my favorite halloween was 2 years ago when i was minnie mouse. kids would call out “hey minnie!” when they came for their candy, it was really so sweet!

are y’all dressing up or celebrating tonight? i would love to hear plans, costumes, and “trick or treat” stories!


3 thoughts on “halloween by megan

  1. Have a great time tonight! Halloween AND lingerie party! Yes please!

    I’m not going out tonight, but I’m having a nice night in with the boy watching movies.

    Happy Halloween, my dear!

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