keep calm and carry on by megan


Oh! I have just been so busy these past few weeks in between birthdays and babysitting and friends…I can’t take a break! But, I have been enjoying every bit of my business. Tomorrow is yet another birthday that must be celebrated: my dear sister, Lizzy, is turning 22 🙂 We are going to dinner and then downtown to the House of Blues for our favorite cover band…the Michael Jackson cover band that is: Who’s Bad. We saw them a few years ago and it was probably one of the best nights of my life…I had so much fun! So, needless to say I am really excited about tomorrow night…I love me some MJ.

I’ve also been shopping…loving Target and Etsy at the moment. I spent over 2 hours in Target yesterday. I got some goodies though that I can’t wait to wear…2 necklaces, a beautiful black cuff, and a pretty headband. And a gorgeous, huge black lacquer wall frame. Love. Oh, and as for Etsy…this is in my shopping cart right now.

{buy here}

I will let y’all know if I end up buying it! Happy Thursday!!


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