thankful thursday by megan


How’s your Thursday? Mine’s been wonderful! I’ve been reading all over the blogs that so many of y’all feel like today should be Friday and that this week is going by slow. I don’t think so…I find this week to be going so fast! Maybe it’s because I have been so busy with work! It seems to be non stop this week…it’s nice to be busy though. It’s especially nice to be busy and I am so thankful to take a break to blog πŸ™‚

I am watching Melrose Place right now. I’m so thankful for DVR today. I watched 90210 first…gosh, I loved it in the 90’s and I love it now! I am so excited that all of the shows are starting back up again. Are y’all? Now, I’m just waiting on Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, and The Office. Sounds like a lot, I know! But, that’s why I love my DVR πŸ™‚

While catching up on my guilty pleasure of trashy TV watching I am also working on my Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism assignment due Friday. One part of the assignment was to watch this video on You Tube…

I watched it twice πŸ˜‰ Don’t you just love Lumiere and Mrs. Potts? Oh, and who can forget Chip? Yep, I am definitely thankful for Beauty and the Beast!

Cooking dinner tonightPan-Grilled Snapper with Orzo Salad.I am super excited about it! My mom is picking up the snapper today after she is done shopping (what a life). But if we don’t have snapper I will just use tilapia instead. I’ll let ya know how it turns out, for sure. I am a huge fish lover and I just adore Orzo!

Have a beautiful day! Oh, and thanks for all the sweet comments y’all left about my new hair πŸ™‚ Y’all are dolls!


2 thoughts on “thankful thursday by megan

  1. MMM I love snapper! Want to come cook me dinner tomorrow night? Hehe.

    I LOVE Beauty & The Beast! That song is going to be in my head all night.

    Have a great evening, lovey!

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