Trying Something New by Jen

I love trying new things, going to never-been places, meeting people, eating different foods, etc etc. My entire life story is the cause effect of such a trait. However sometimes I admit that I talk myself into not liking something without giving it an adequate piece of my time. Growing up Buffy The Vampire Slayer was all the rave. I hated it. Vampires? Please!!  I have no time for such nonsense! So when a friend of mind started reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer I couldnt help but make fun of her a teeny bit. I thought it was quite a quacky indulgence. She has read all 4 of the books now and loves them all. I laughed, yet again. Last week while sick my husband returns from the store for a get-better-heres-something-to-pass-time-with gift….Twilight.  I actually thought it was a joke, as a means to brighten our sickness and secretly make fun of our friend. It was the opposite. He urged me to try it. hmmmm


It sat for a day untouched. 24 hours passed and another sick day plagued me. Why not? I picked it up last week and have not been able to put it down since! Vampires? Seriously? Ohhhh but this book is so much more than that! It’s enchanting and leaves me thirsting for more chapter upon chapter. Needless to say I am hooked. I am now the one getting the “mmmmhmmmmm, told you so”!  And I just found out there is a movie. Where have I been? Certainly not thinking about stereotyped vampire nonsense!

I cant wait to finish this one and read the remaining three! So, do you step outside your zone of preconcieved assumptions of things? Or is that rope too intertwined to let you possibly find a new joy? I learned another lesson this past week!


3 thoughts on “Trying Something New by Jen

  1. Just found your blog today and the second post is about a Twilight convert?! Hooked! I always avoid the hyped up things-Twilight, DaVinci Code, etc. But once I come around I usually have to admit everyone had a point! Glad you’re enjoying it!

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