first day by megan

Good afternoon, friends! Okay, well today has been…interesting. It was the first day of class for me and I was only there for 1 hour instead of 2 AND I do not have to go back tonight (for the lecture portion of the course). You see the morning portion of this Classroom Management in Early Childhood course is designated for field work, in which we spend many hours at an elementary school in one classroom. For this course I will most likely be spending my time in a preschool or kindergarten classroom ๐Ÿ™‚ So, being that it was the first day of class we obviously did not have fieldwork to get started on. So we went over the course basics and called it a day! It was nice to be home around noon rather than 8:00 tonight…like it will be every other Wednesday starting next week. Oh well…at least I don’t have to be on campus every day! Also, I am excited for this class and I love my professor! I was supposed to have a Biology Lab today but labs do not start until next week…so I was free from that too! I’m definitely not complaining!

On Sunday I pulled my sisters very old bike out of the garage. I rode it up and down the street and around the block. There are major issues with the front in it doesn’t work. My dad rigged it some way or the other though so I could take it for a spin, but I still don’t trust it. I used the back brake which works fine, but I would feel more comfortable if the front brake was up to par. Anyway I loved, loved, loved riding the bike…it had been way too long since I plopped my bottom on a bike! Riding the bike got me thinking about how I would enjoy one of my own. Granted my sister will let me borrow hers whenever, but it is a tad old…and possibly life threatening with the wonky front brake!! My bike would be pink with a basket…definitely would have a basket! I am praying it would look similar to this…

I can imagine myself riding to the grocery store for some small items, like milk or bread, to carry home in my basket or riding to Nola Beans for a cup of coffee! Of course these small excursions will not happen until we move like I mentioned in this post. But I can certainly ride a bike around my subdivision until we do move! My birthday is in October and I am thinking my wish list will include this pink bike or this baby blue one from XYZ Bikes. My friend called me a little while ago about possibly riding bikes this Saturday at Audubon Park

but we settled on walking due to my brake issue and another issue of getting our bikes to the park. Oh well, bike riding around the park would definitely be fun, but walking is just as fun! Audubon Park is breathtaking and lined with Southern Oak Trees, and once you hit the trail around the golf course you’re surrounded by Garden District mansions. It’s so beautiful…walking the park is truly a blessing and something I do not do enough!

Well, I am rather sleepy this afternoon and I am thinking a nap is in order (or just some Julie & Julia reading)! Probably because I slept about 5 hours last night! I was tossing and turning for a good hour/hour and a half. I just could not fall asleep. Every little worrisome thing that could have popped into my head did! It was rather annoying, actually. When this happens I need to remember to remind myself that God has it under control and it does no good to worry…especially when it cuts into my sleep!! Does this happen to any of y’all?

Happy Wednesday!!


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