super saturday by megan

Happy Saturday, y’all! Today has been great so far 🙂 I did some yummy yoga, baked tomorrow nights dessert (and licked the spoon hehe) and received some fun surprises in the mail!

A humoungous thank you to Kristina from Stonyfield Farms for this…

IMG_7768A handwritten note, a magnet, Food, Inc info, a reusable bag, and COUPONS galore for Stonyfield’s yummy yogurt! I  can’t wait to head to Whole Foods and put these coupons to good use. Thanks again, Kristina!!!

Also, my favorite issue of all time arrived today…

IMG_7769The September Vogue. I love the September issue and have been collecting them since 2004. The massive amount of fall ads are my favorite part of the Vogue September issue. Fall is on its way…I’m definitely ready for the cooler weather. But living in the South cooler weather is not expected until mid October. If we are lucky! Heck, my some of my family members wore shorts last Christmas Day! Oh, how I wish we experienced all four seasons down here…

Oh, and last night my friends and I had a movie night…a Jane Austen movie night! We watched Emma and Becoming Jane. I loved Emma! I think it is now my favorite of all Jane Austen novels/movies. Although Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility are wonderful. I just love Emma’s character. She was such a gossip but tried so hard to be kind hearted! She was so loving. And, Becoming Jane was so beautiful, but the ending was too depressing. Have any of y’all seen Becoming Jane? I want to see The Jane Austen Book Club next.

Tonight I am babysitting my cousins while my aunt and uncle attend a wedding. I love spending time with my cousins! They are so much fun when they are little 🙂 Hopefully we get to color a lot, my favorite thing to do!

Happy Saturday, friends!


6 thoughts on “super saturday by megan

  1. Ah the September VOGUE issue. I must say it’s divine, rather tiny though. A reflection of the times I suppose…

    As for Becoming Jane- I saw it in theatres and thought the exact same thing. It was kind of disappointing because I adored the film otherwise.

    Hope you got to color 🙂

  2. What a great night with your friend! I saw Hugh Dancy (from the Jane Austen Book Club) with Claire Danes a little while ago…

    Have a lovely lovely night!

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