school, shelves, & skincare by megan

Hey y’all! How’s Tuesday? Mine’s good so far…calm and relaxing. Still loving my Hempmilk oats and the book of Romans this week πŸ™‚

“Our lives get in step with God and all others by letting him set the pace, not by proudly or anxiously trying to run the parade.”Romans 3: 28

I spent the morning and early afternoon with my sister running errands concerning school…parking decal pick-up to be exact. I can’t believe school starts next Monday, August 24. Technically, it starts August 26 for me. I only have class on Wednesday this semester because I am only taking 5 hours…don’t ask. But I student teach in the Spring and graduate in May! So believe it or not I am actually looking forward to this semester…I will have a light load for once. Phew!

In other news! I have been meaning to bring this up… in mid summer my parents decided to buy a lot in our favorite area of New Orleans-Lakeview. I am very excited about this move…I will have the chance to walk to the grocery, to have coffee, or to lunch/dinner! And, I will be able to bike places as well, which I am most excited about! My dad has already said each family member will own a bike. Where we live currently we are not able to bike or walk anywhere…it is a very car friendly area, so to speak. Anyway, we have a corner lot and I am so excited about the planning that comes with building/designing a home! Even if I may not be living in it for too long after I graduate…who knows, though! Of course I have been searching home decor magazines and websites frequently for my bathroom and bedroom ideas. So, far I most definitely know I want a built-in bookshelf in my bedroom. I have a closet bursting with books…novels, school books, childrens literature, magazines, etc. These are a few built-in shelves I am loving…

But, I think this one is meant for a living room or library even…

I just love the idea of looking at my wall and being able to look at my book collection! I want to showcase my books, instead of hide them in my closet or in containers under my bed. I also want a window seat in my new bedroom and I would love my walls painted bright blue, like Carrie’s new apartment…

…with one wallpapered wall. But, I will leave these topics of wallpaper, paint, and windows for later posts! Especially since the home will not be complete for at least another year.

Concerning my new skincare regime I am hoping to begin…I am thinking about investing in this moisturizer that I read about in my new Body + Soul.

It’s called RareMinerals and is new from Bare Escentuals and it is all natural. It is clinically proven to plump skin and retain moisture resulting in healthier looking skin. It is described as being very light without the greasy feeling some moisturizers leave behind. You can read more about this product here at Sephora, if you are interested like myself. I may have to run into Sephora or About Face(a local makeup boutique here that sells Bare Escentuals) later this week.

I hope y’all are having a wonderful Tuesday!!


3 thoughts on “school, shelves, & skincare by megan

  1. That first bookshelf- the floor-to-ceiling one- makes me want to cry. A whole room full of books? I’d feel like Belle when she sees the Beast’s library!

    I wear Bare Minerals, but have never tried their Rare Minerals line. Maybe I’ll go into Sephora for a sample… I always do that when I want to try a product!

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