waiting by megan

Currently I am sitting in my room waiting for a delivery. My sister, Lizzy, ordered a Mac a few days ago and today is the day it should be arriving. So, since I am unemployed I get the thrill of waiting for the delivery so Lizzy won’t have to drive to UPS and pick it up. It’s fine though because it is an excuse for me not to go to the gym and…practice yoga instead! Did I tell you that Lizzy and I had the bright idea to order Physique 57 DVD’s? Well we did. And my legs are as sore as they have ever been in my life. After one 35 minute workout. But, it is a good sore! We are doing it again tomorrow. Oh goodness. So, the soreness in my legs is why I think yoga is a better idea than cardio is for today. We will see.

Nothing too exciting going on today. It’s rainy down here. I have fun plans for the afternoon though- if the rain doesn’t get in the way, that is! I am meeting my friend, Jen, for coffee and if it does not rain off to Lakeview for the Harrison Ave. Marketplace.

I am so excited about the market. My church is a sponsor and I have never been before so I am really looking forward to it. There’s live music and food and crafts and cooking demonstrations. It’s such a wonderful thing! I am going to be helping out with the kids booth…most likely with crafts and such. I will try to take pictures.

I hope y’all have a gorgeous Wednesday. And, as for me I am off to do some yummy yoga 🙂


One thought on “waiting by megan

  1. LOVE farmer’s markets! When in grad school, we did this HUGE event called Harvest Fest…it was the highlight of the year! Fun blog…when you get the chance, check out my giveaways!

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